A Red Nightmare

by A Red Nightmare

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released June 2, 2014

Leonan Ferreira (Vocals)
Igor Sampaio (Guitars)
Vinicius Carvalho (Guitars)
Marcos Saraiva (Bass)
Luciano Camara (Drums)

Backing Vocals by: Leonan Ferreira and Vinicius Carvalho
Backing Vocals on "Bane" by: Ariel Casimiro and Vinicius Carvalho
Backing Vocals on "A Red Nightmare Pt. III" by: Igor Sampaio and Vinicius Carvalho

Cover Artwork and Sleeve Design by : Gustavo Sazes
Mixed and Mastered by: Adair Daufembach at Daufembach Studios (SP)
Produced by: A Red Nightmare
Band Photos by: Suelen Geber



all rights reserved


A Red Nightmare Belém, Brazil

A Red Nightmare's technical, raw, agressive and experimental music is gathering an increasing number of followers worldwide.
Leonan Ferreira (Vocals), Igor Sampaio (Guitars), Vinicius Carvalho (Guitars), Marcos Saraiva (Bass) and Luciano Camara (Drums) are working hard to bring their sonic massacre to a growing number of Metal fans who search for authentic, honest and fearless extreme music
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Track Name: Demigod
Shape reality in a wicked make believe
Elevate suffering into a piece of devotion
A servant to your weaker side
Neglect your will and life trough blind faith

Still unaware, its crooked path you follow
The pain must justify your silence, a new obssession
A downwards spiral, hands drip with your own blood
Behold your idol, your reason, your demigod

Sick communion
Covenant of filth

Rise up and hail, your own mortification
Present your flesh upon the altar, Sadistic offering
For all to see this cursed bond now fulfilled
Within your temple a monolith of decadence

Synthetic messiah of feeble minds
Oracle of the absurd, harvester of misery
Embrace the illusion of power sinking in arrogance

Desperate cries for silent lies

Worship your idol blinded by your devotion
Corrupted soul, defiler of life

Defiler of Life
Pray for Silent lies
Ceremonial Demise
Track Name: Hedonist
Self assured, pathetic loser
Convinced the world spins just for you
Above all laws, above all ethics
Narrow minded fool!
Egocentric monstrosity!

Virulent lethargy
Stagnant idiosyncrasy

Point your finger erratically
Shouting about hypocrisy
Twisted perception infects your mind
Know what you've done
Are you fucking blind?

Virulent lethargy
Stagnant idiosyncrasy

Shielded by
By convenient lies
Convenient lies

So satisfied spreading your disease
Inconsequently doing as pleased
Remain an infamous, moronic Hedonist

Sooner or later life will find a way
To put you in your place
Inconsequently doing as pleased, spreading your disease
Infamous! Moronic! HEDONIST
Track Name: Lobotomedia
Shoot your classroom
Kill some kids
The media will make you a celebrity

Hijack a plane
Kill enemies
Maybe someone will think you are a saint

Inverted values
Cracked morality

Your conscience is crushed down
Under the massive weight
Of mediatic agenda
That profits with disgrace!

Mass murder
Of autonomous thought

Homogenize the people
Nullifying their identities
Imposed convictions
Destroy individuality

Beware of what you try to achieve
For your life
You may find yourself in the dark
With no turning back!

Shoot your classroom
Kill some kids

Hijack a plane
Kill enemies
Maybe someone will think you are a saint
Track Name: Bane
My own shadow consumes me
Dragging me into agony
Awareness of reality
Conscience and rationality

Darkness overpowering
Leading to horrible sanity

Corroding my brain!
Making me insane!
Leading me to bane!

Corroding my brain!
Making me insane!
Leading me to bane!

Rotten desire, lust for living
It's only a disguised psychotic me

Whispers in my mind
Cry to my soul for death
Life runs off my veins
Losing all my breath

The voices in my head
Assuring me I'm not the same
Give up of yourself
Or make your own blood rain

I can't control
My hands
Can't wash
The bloodstains
Track Name: Enemy
No matter what you say
You can't deny me
My right to express myself anyway I want to.
I won't just watch silently
To all this daily horror
Too many starve and die
As a consequence of our leaders lies!

I won't shut up!
our leaders steal!

I won't shut up!
our leaders kill!

I won't shut up!
our leaders lie!

I won't shut up

Denounce the flaws of humanity

Scream 'till someone hears you

More Hate
Blinding and scaring common citizens

Hollow hearts
Long forgotten the value of life

Dead minds
Hollow hearts
Fear only leads to MORE HATE

I won't shut up
I know all your crimes
Humanity, you are Culprit
Of being

Your own worst enemy!
Your own worst enemy!
Your own worst enemy!
Your own worst enemy!
Track Name: A Red Nightmare Pt. I
In a self indulgent dream,
Trapped inside a cyclic routine
Absolute lack of interest

Darkness consuming within
Shackled to emptiness,
Pushing back the light of comprehension.

Face the abyss
As it stares back at you.
Feeling so right to be,
In the belly of the beast.

No need to flee from this
False security.
If you close your eyes
You may see what's real

No effort to understand
The hidden forces driving you
Mute pain screaming inside
Growing roots in the back of your mind!

To a realm of emptiness
In a sea of pettiness
Head first in the filth
Soaked in corruption
See the pattern on the drips!

Own identity denied
Personality nullified
Homogenic state of mind!
Track Name: A Red Nightmare Pt. II
Release your mind
There's no more truth
Realize life's sinking inside you

Implanted thoughts guide hands
Blessed and cursed by ignorance

Everyday you swallow
A mouthful of lies
Fed by a self consuming dying system

Imbued Submission
Disgraced your own existence
Embrace the illusion
Give up all insurgence
Restrained by self denial
you remain...

By the light of consciousness
By the light of consciousness

Emerged in absence of questioning
Confused and afraid of change
Apathy for life, in a silent rage from your padded cell
You scream into a broken mirror of fragmented realities.

The breed of your own selfish dream – a fear that pushes you back
At war with yourself – truth has never brought you relief
An oath, out of anger

By the light of consciousness
By the light of consciousness

Consciousness – the illusion is shattered
Awaken to see your old dreams turn to nightmares!
Track Name: A Red Nightmare Pt. III
Tormented Wanderer
Awareness tears you apart
All you despise is everything you once knew
Fading, within an empty shell

Floating above the void
Wandering, searching
For answers untouchable by filthy hands

Cries of agony
Slowly deceasing the hope for a new beginning
Desperately trying to reach the surface of the pit
This tainted soil you sown
Brings the harvest of destruction
Nightmare reveals itself
As the key for your release

Surrounded by darkness
Shadows Lurking
Crawling the spine
Surrounded by darkness
Crawling the spine
Shadows Lurking
Lust for your blood

Spiraling down
Entangled by Your own Dark Roots
Inside this nightmare
All the flaws Once hid, Exposed!

Eyes bleeding truth, Staining red
Reflections of a former life
Distorted light no longer found
Through tinted glass of sight and sound
Embodiment of terror as you open your eyes
Abominations haunt your twisted mind
Live and Breathe

Flesh and blood they have risen today
Crimson tides shall emerge
Bringing life through decay

The sun has set before you
Silence awaits you in the shadows
Your nightmare turns RED
My nightmare turns RED
Track Name: Earth's Revenge (Bonus Track)
Sulfuric rain over our heads
Flames consuming the jungle
Oil spill stains the ocean
The planet struggles for it's life!

As our resourses are drying
Extinction spreading everywhere
Biosphere wounded forever
Human excess destroying everything!

Business men,
Exploit the nature
For all kinds of life

Business men,
Destroy the nature
For all kinds of life

Unleashed by the hands of men
Tsunamis and hurricanes
Begin to sweep human presence
- An instinctive reaction
We have dug our own graves
In this concrete world we've built
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go
Earth will now have it's revenge!

Earth's revenge
Upon us
Earth's Revenge
Death remains

We have dug our own graves
In this concrete world we built
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go
Earth will now have it's revenge

Earth's Revenge
Death Remains

We've already took more than our share
We are not the center of the universe
Track Name: Koloniale Raubwirstschaft (Bonus Track)
Once a man decided to the explore the sea
In the search of riches in other lands
He found a paradisic land of innocence
And decided to make money out of it!
Slavery! Assassination!
Raping the culture of natives!
Destroy the forest while trying to fill their ships!
Oh! Devilish greed!
No respect for life!

White men brings the plague
Diseases and vices
Imposed religion

Run for your lives, hide deep in the forest
Trying to escape this "just war"
The old man set fire to the river
Killed our brothers and enslaved our wives

White men brings the plague
Diseases and vices
Imposed religion

Tribes deprived of personality!

Green turns to red
Above the trees
Fire on the leaves
Black smoke rises to the skies!


Take away our gold
Heritage destroyed
Our land, raped and left with nothing
Track Name: While Someone has Drowsiness (Bonus Track)
To whom will listen,
Fallen angels utter blasphemies.
Upon the profane beauty of rigid faces
Present their body as offering
To men with ties, pulling off their teeth.
Blood rain washes the planet of the hipocrits!

The humiliated, swallowing their rage,
Wander on the desert that once was a sea!

Nowhere to go, they just wait,
Hearing… the sound of the bombs

So they run towards mined fields
Beheaded men filling the abyss!
To the sound of siren, children hide.
Playing deaf, mute and blind
Weeping silently, calling their dead parents

Personal agenda with no mercy
Face to face with death
And you don’t even look on their eyes…

We've already crossed all lines,
There’s no undoing this.
Moving ahead, fearing nothing

Religion against religion
Nation against nation
Everyone against everyone
So all men fall in disgrace

Open your eyes!

There is a great calamity invading Earth
This disgrace has a name…
It it’s called: Human race!

This disgrace has a name…
Human race!

Fight for your life…
Fight for things you took for granted
Fight for the children
That supposed to be our future.

Apathy is a disease
Apathy is perdition
Apathy lead us into demise.